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Fans of All Ages - Register now to request/reserve:
Copies of Limited & Signed Editions
First Issues
Introduction Poster

Participation in Events & Contests:
Uniform Design – Helmets, bionics
Team Name & “Home Field” [i.e. Martian Reddskins]
Develop story line themes & screen play dialog
Create Education [STEM + Space + Ethics] modules
Draw Artwork – Players – Background
EDUgrational Materials

 A Call to Arms: CONTRIBUTORS - Who do we need?  -- Experience not necessarily required - an Imaginology.US Project – request a compensation plan
-- Apprentices: all positions: – Especially Student Athletes & Artists
-- Creatives: Graphic Artists, Writers, 
-- Professionals: Print, Film, Video Game;
-- Educators: of ALL types, especially Math/Science, Creative Writing
– Sponsors: Individuals & Businesses that want to help our youth succeed – in-kind support for, Content, Production, Distribution, etc., (cash accepted)
-- Community Service: Help & You Shall Receive – a Fund Raising opportunity

Strategic Partners, Alliances & Investors

Business Sponsors, Suppliers

Retail, Distributors, ComicCons & other Shows, etc.

  • Cooperative Marketing - Equity? - Official Licensing?
  • Exclusive “Supplier to GFL” status
  • Inclusion in PR efforts
  • Customized copies
  • Event Participation  - Play 365 - Art Shows

Professional Contributors - Illustrators, Publishers, Writers, Game &Web Designers, Project Managers, Educators, etc.

  • Monetary Compensation
  • PR Recognition
  • Publishing Assistance - for your own projects

Community Service, Education & Government Partners

  • Portion of Proceeds
  • Event Participation
  • Play 365
  • Art Shows


GFL: The Galactic Football League

​The Galactic Football League